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I began freelancing in November of 2012 with a piece on winter outdoor recreation. Since then I have sold a number of outdoor and nature-related pieces, as well as doing some science writing. I am particularly proud of the opportunities I have had to write on issues of cultural heritage, an area where a number of my interests converge.

Features and reporting

Child refugees can be dogged by poor health for life, New Scientist, electronic edn. (June 27, 2014).

The ‘secret ones’: tales from Mali’s anti-language, New Scientist 222, no. 2971 (May 31, 2014): 42–45, doi: 10.1016/S0262-4079(14)61070-8.

Winter is coming… so wear the right clothes, Guest Blog, Scientific American (April 17, 2014).

Seeking a broader audience for your work? Don’t overlook Google+, Vitae | The Chronicle of Higher Education (February 11, 2014).

A long way from home, Juneau Empire – Alaska’s Capital City Online Newspaper (January 16, 2014).

Snowshoeing in the Finger Lakes: a beginner’s guide, Life in the Finger Lakes (Winter 2013): 38–43.

Ramps, the smell of spring, Edible Berkshires (Spring 2013): 10–11.

Contributing writer

The Laurel Magazine of the Highlands-Cashiers NC Plateau

Snowshoe Magazine

Guest blogging

On Violence

Savage Minds

Book reviews (scholarly)

The work of tribal hands, edited by Dayna Bowker Lee and Hiram F. Gregory. Southeastern Archaeology 27, no. 1 (Summer 2008): 156–58.

Blood politics: race, culture, and identity in the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, by Circe Sturm. Political and Legal Anthropology Review 27, no. 1: 144–46 (May 2004). doi:10.1525/pol.2004.27.1.144.

Copyediting and proofreading

I have done the stray bit of copyediting and proofreading for academic and commercial clients. Feel free to contact me if you are in the market for either service. I particularly enjoy working with English as a Second Language writers.


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